Writing a blog – who knew?! And so here I am writing a blog for/about/because/ Pilgrim’s Landing has ‘left the dock’ and is making its way into the world. Retail shop? Again, who knew. Price points, gift shows, customers, marketing plans, iPad business in a box. Really?

I am aware, once again, of how much there is yet to learn. Stepping out of my comfort zone? Listening and being open to the call to dream.. to do something new and different that has meaning and purpose? Yes, yes, and yes! My pilgrim’s heart is so grateful for all of it.

Mayti Pilgrimage

Whether it’s through our blog, our website, or if you stop by the shop, what a joy it is to welcome you to our space! We are honored and humbled by the opportunity to meet you and serve you, as you make your way on your journey.  As you cross our threshold, we hope you will feel your spirit rise, and rest – all at the same time.

So all of you pilgrims out there, that means you who are on a journey (I guess that means all of us- yikes), we invite you to stop by – ‘land’ for awhile…with fellow travelers and seekers.  As we hoist our sails and set off on this adventure, I am reminded and inspired by these beautiful words of Hafiz”..

I lay my wing

As a bridge to you

So that you can join us


We hope you will join us on this amazing journey, and may there be blessings all along the way.