Nancy Benben

Nancy Benben has been a Seeker her entire life, exploring many spiritual paths along the way.  She believes that the desire to be in relationship with the Divine is the essence of spirituality, and that when we follow that desire, we are led to encounter the multifaceted heart of the Holy. Nancy has been a Spiritual Companion and teacher for many years at the Spiritual Life Center in West Hartford, CT. She has extensive training in using the Enneagram and Bio Spiritual Focusing as tools for spiritual direction and personal growth.  A graduate of Northwestern University and Hartford Seminary's Women's Leadership Institute, Nancy leads workshops and retreats in the Enneagram and Spiritual Companioning. Nancy and her husband David live in Eastham, MA.

Anne Bonney

I am one of the Co-founders of the Center for the Spiritual Journey, an Interspiritual Life Center of Cape Cod. I am a person who longs to deepen my connection with the Divine Presence and who values the companionship with others in a beloved community—a community who also yearns for a less violent, more loving, and compassionate world. I believe this is the urgent work of our times. Indeed, it is our mission.

I love to travel and helped to lead our Pilgrimages to Iona and Santa Fe. I find that the outward physical journey of a pilgrimage encourages the unfolding of our inner landscapes. I love to study and explore the larger questions that live inside of me—questions that have sent me to Seminary and a Master of Divinity Degree, on to Ordination and into Christian Ministry. I love the Labyrinth. In 2012, I partnered with Dawn Tolley and Kathe Rhinesmith and the local Clergy Association in building and gifting the town of Chatham with a labyrinth for its 300th Anniversary! I am an Advanced Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator and am currently serving as a Faculty member and a Board member of Veriditas, the non-profit spiritual and educational organization for the Labyrinth. Through the Center for the Spiritual Journey and Veriditas I am so grateful to have an opportunity to teach others, and to be able to express these passions that light up my life. I am blessed with glimpses of the deeper Divine connection my spirit seeks, that the world seeks, —a Love that we so desperately need, a Love that unifies all paths and affirms our essential oneness.

Anjali Budreski

Anjali Budreski is an Entrepreneur, Soul Coach, Yoga Teacher, Writer, and the co-founder of the Soul Journey Collective. She leads transformational retreats and training both nationally and internationally. 

Anjali has deep ties to Cape Cod, but currently resides in the green mountains of Vermont where she enjoys simple living and a passionate connection to nature. When she’s not coaching or teaching, she can be found curled up with her journal, creating delicious treats in her tiny kitchen or hiking up a mountain.

Kathy Budreski

Kathy Budreski is a retired Registered Nurse who “refuses to retire”. She is certified in Educational and Pastoral Care Ministry and Substance Abuse Counseling. After many years of work in various nursing jobs, including Hospitals, VNAs, Hospice and as a Parish Nursing in Chatham, she now enjoys what she loves best, facilitating a variety of groups related to Conscious Aging, End of Life Planning and Memoir Writing Groups. She facilitates “What if…Workshops”, which help seniors and families prepare for unexpected life circumstances and explore their final wishes. She leads Death Café ‘s in the community. The purpose of the Deaf Café is to demystify death and increase one’s comfort level with it in a safe supportive environment.

Her spiritual path has led her to seek solitude, contemplation, and meditation in the company of other “soul friends”; wishing to share in this journey. Marriage, mothering, sistering and grandmothering have woven the brightest strands through the tapestry of her life.

Bonnie Fedge

Bonnie Fedge is certified as a Reiki Master, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and Advanced Akashic Records Meditation.  She works with Essential Oils, sound bowls and music, yoga, holistic health, as well as visualization and meditation, so they may all be incorporated to ensure positive and encouraging results.  She has learned styles in many parts of the world and has formal education in teaching and coaching.


Rich Hunt

Rich Hunt has always been interested in the mind: how it works, how it shapes our experience, and how we can use it to diminish suffering.  This led him to study psychology in school, and to read books about spirituality and metaphysics outside of school.  Following these paths, Rich obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and practiced as a psychotherapist for 30+ years; he also moved from a rather intellectual interest in spirituality to practicing meditation and engaging in inquiry as a means to actualize some of the things that he had been reading about for many years. Rich retired from the practice of psychotherapy in 2011; he still aspires to help people find greater peace, greater contentment, and greater wisdom within themselves.  “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”  – Voltaire

Carol Marcy

I have grown up close to the Earth, gardening, camping, dancing, hiking, living close to the land, holding Her sacred.  For years, I was part of a weekly seminar at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies where we looked at the interface of Phenomenology and Dzogchen Buddhism through lecture, meditation and energy work.  I had a holistic healing center in the woods of Southern Maryland where I practiced psychology, led retreats and ceremonies and taught meditation classes.  I began writing journals that became of means of self-discovery and expression.  Poems came.  Several books were written. I started taking a poetry class and the world turned into delicious words. These experiences have shaped my life, so that now out of deep reverence, I come to the time of giving back.

When I turned 75, I moved to Cape Cod where I could offer classes in things that I love and wanted to share with others.  Early on, I discovered the Center for the Spiritual Journey in Chatham.  Opportunities there have blossomed which allow me to teach guided Nature based meditation classes, to begin teaching a poetry class that has become such fun and when we have been able to be outside together, to lead Forest Bathing walks as a meditation practice. I am grateful for this weaving of life lived into wonderful things to share.

Lisa McNeill

Lisa McNeill is a Gestalt-trained leadership & transitions coach and an organizational development consultant living in Yarmouthport. During her 25+ year career in the nonprofit sector, Lisa frequently facilitated stakeholder planning meetings and community conversations. She is a life-long learner, and since traveling with the Center for the Spiritual Journey to the Isle of Iona in 2014, Lisa has been on her own spiritual and mindfulness journey. She served as an original member of the Center for the Spiritual Journey nonprofit Board of Directors from 2016 to 2020, including as Board Chair for three of those years. Lisa co-facilitates the Civil & Sacred Conversations program at the Center for the Spiritual Journey and co-chairs its Spirituality & Social Justice Committee.

Dawn Tolley

Dawn Tolley is a co-founder of the Center for the Spiritual Journey, and currently serves on the Board of Directors as Clerk.  She spent over 20 years as a leader of a local non-profit, community activist and volunteer. She is also a certified professional coach. Dawn’s passion is experiencing life as a spiritual journey – a sacred journey, and a sacred responsibility. All the great spiritual and wisdom traditions teach us, as well as science, that all of life is interconnected. To invite people into this space to explore their inner and outer world; to become more self-aware, to heal and to take that out into our community, is a sacred privilege and responsibility.  It is said, ‘The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.’ Now more than ever, we are being called forth to do the work of transforming ourselves… transforming our world”. Please join us, we need you, the world needs you!

Pam Vlahakis

Pam Vlahakis, MEd. Certified Yoga teacher, Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher has been a practitioner of Qigong and Yoga for over 20 years. Pam has been sharing these ancient mind body practices with her students of all ages 3-90 for the past 20 years. She is grateful to her many thoughtful students and patient teachers including Dr. Wang, Qigong Master; Dr. Aihan Kuhn and Dr. Peter Wayne with Harvard Medical School and the Osher Institute.