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Event Series Event Series: Family Systems Reframe

Family Systems Reframe

July 31 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

with Ben Emery
Wednesday, July 31

The Family Systems Reframe draws on the European modality known as Systemic Constellations.

What is a constellation? The shape that is taken when the people, agendas, desires, blockages, inherited stories and other invisible forces that inform a given person’s way of being in the world are invited to assume physical form in the present, despite all the reasons to keep such things hidden away.

As a therapeutic approach it delves into the hidden dynamics and entanglements within one’s ancestral family system. Originating in Germany in the 1980s, it was developed by Bert Hellinger, drawing inspiration from family systems therapy and Zulu attitudes toward ancestors. The milieu aims to address would-be personal challenges through a systemic lens. Through the guidance of a facilitator, participants are asked to represent family members or elements of the focus client’s family system. By arranging these representatives in physical space and allowing them to interact, the modality brings to light unconscious intergenerational patterns and loyalties, widening the client’s perspective and allowing him or her to find new solutions. By addressing the systemic origins of problems, Family Constellations incite healing and transformation, fostering acceptance, gratitude, and compassion towards the family system.

The Family Systems Reframe workshop takes a decisive step back from group therapy in favor of something more akin to fireside storying; along with all the laughter and camaraderie that you might come with it.

Ben Emery has a Master of Restorative Practices in Youth Counseling, International Institute for Restorative Practices
Bachelor of Human Resource Management, University of Colorado Boulder
Famiienaktivationsmanegment Certified [Family System Reboot in Child Protection]. Diakonie-Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf, Germany
12 year scholar under Stephen Jenkinson’s Orphan Wisdom School for Grief Practitioners.
Community Accountability Board Certified. CURJ. Boulder.
Restorative Circle Certified. Longmont Community Justice Partnership. Longmont, Colorado.
Victim Offender Dialogue Certified. Pennsylvania Office of the Victim Advocate.
Transformative Mediation Certified. Pittsburgh Mediation Center.
Hospice Companion Certified. Odyssey Healthcare, PA
Alchemical Constellation Training Certification in progress.


July 31
10:00 am - 11:30 am