throwing-leaves-325They say, “Oh Anne, you’re the artistic, intuitive type,” which is the polite way of saying ,”often  scattered and monkey-minded leaping from tree to tree!” This means if you were to sit on my shoulder and observe how I go about writing anything, you would see a crazy assortment of books, pads of paper, quotes, pictures, a candle, a news article or two, the Bible etc.– all covering the table where I sit in front of a beckoning blank computer attempting to begin a blog!


I sincerely hope in the weeks ahead that I will be able to pull together something focused and meaningful from all the seemingly inexhaustible and juicy resources of the spiritual journey called life. Clearly I will need your help and patience as I hopefully find a place to land  and my way to the point!


Now, this is a major reason why I am so excited to be a part of Center for the Spiritual Journey. It is that place which invites and inspires me to pull together many years ( I am the “crone” in the group!) of rich and savory vocational experiences as Minister and Mother (now grandmother 51/2 times), as once-upon- a-time Interior Designer, and now as Spiritual Director, Pilgrim to sacred places, and Buyer from the heart and spirit.


As soon as I cross the threshold of those beautiful green doors and hear the wind chimes and soft music, see all the the lovingly selected and thoughtful resources, I feel like I have come home. It is like all the different paths of my life’s  journey have led me to here and I am deeply grateful for this “landing” place.   I join Dawn and Stu and Danielle in welcoming you here.  It is a quixotic and often chaotic world around us and perhaps you, too, need a place to land.   Wherever you are on your path, we hope that Pilgrim’s landing will be a part of the stirring, yet centering of your soul’s journey.


One of the resources we are so delighted to bring to you is what we are calling “The Labyrinth Landing”. Chatham is blessed to have a labyrinth located in the quiet and natural setting of Chase Park, behind the Grist Mill.  The Labyrinth landing will serve as an indoor center for our outdoor labyrinth and will provide educational events, materials and labyrinth related gifts and jewelry. It will also oversee any needed maintenance. The labyrinth is an amazing spiritual symbol and walking it is known to be a great way to recover from monkey-mindedness. More to come on this in future blogs!


Blessings to you,